13th June 2023

Empowering IT Business with Swift Funding of £125,000 Unsecured Loan

Momenta Finance in partnership with FundOnion, swiftly and successfully funded the client’s unsecured loan application. Understanding the client’s financial needs, we provided a tailored loan of £125,000 with a 60-month term and an interest rate of 15.72%.

In partnership with FundOnion, promptly and effectively funded the client’s unsecured loan application. By catering to the client’s specific financial needs, we were able to swiftly provide an unsecured loan of £125,000. This expedited funding empowered the IT business to fuel their expansion plans and maintain their impressive growth trajectory.

The client, an expanding IT business, had recently opened new offices, increased their workforce, and secured multiple new clients. To sustain their growth and meet the growing demand for their services, they required a new funding facility. Although the client did not specify a the deadline, they urgently expressed a need to promptly secure the funds allowing them to sustain their robust growth trajectory.

FundOnion, a dynamic small business loans platform, is dedicated to connecting SMEs with a diverse range of lenders based on their specific business needs. With nearly three years of experience in the industry, FundOnion has built a reputation for facilitating successful lending partnerships.

Recognising the client’s unique needs, FundOnion turned to Momenta Finance as the funding partner of choice. Based on the established relationship and shared commitment to empowering SMEs. We were able to provide a competitive and flexible loan product that precisely aligned with the client’s requirements.

FundOnion’s expertise in connecting SMEs with suitable lenders and their comprehensive understanding of the client’s goals greatly facilitated a seamless collaboration. James Robson, CEO of FundOnion, commented that “Alex Forster, our dedicated Business Development Manager at Momenta Finance, exhibited a high level of motivation and professionalism throughout the process. Ensuring effective communication and a smooth transaction”.

Alex and the Momenta Finance team impressed the client with their exceptional service and transparent communication. This positive experience reinforced the strong working relationship between FundOnion and Momenta Finance, fostering trust and confidence for future endeavours.