Secured Loan for Tenanted Properties

A secured loan specifically designed for landlords with tenanted properties. Unlike our standard secured business loan, this option allows equity release, additional purchases, and refinancing. It also supports general business needs for borrowers who own the business. Explore this tailored solution for your property investment goals.

What can Secured Loan for property owners be used for:

Construction on new residential or semi-commercial projects.

Residential refurbishment projects.

Property Loan

of properties.

Development exit.

Our specialised property finance team has extensive experience in the UK market, particularly in lending during market downturns.

Property Development Finance | At a glance
Loan Amount£150,000 – £2 million
Loan TermUp to 60 months
Security1st legal charge
Personal GuaranteeYes
Interest RateStarting at 1% per month

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Residential and commercial properties are acceptable as security.
  • Max LTV for residential and mixed-use properties = 75%.
  • Max LTV for commercial properties = 65%.
  • A borrower’s primary residence cannot be taken as loan security. Security is on a 1st charge basis only.
  • We will require a RICS certified valuation of the properties to be taken as security.
  • Desktop valuations are acceptable if applicable.
  • The property taken as security must be tenanted and producing rental income.

Requirements for Secured Loan Tenanted Property with Momenta Finance.

  • Track Record: A summary of the applicant’s track record in the UK property market.
  • Property Description: A detailed description of the property or properties being offered as security.
  • Cost Overview: Breakdown of any refurbishment costs or remaining construction costs (for development exit loans).
  • Application Form: Completed Momenta Finance application form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is this product right funding solution?
  • Borrower seeks funding using a tenanted property generating rental income as security.
  • Rental income can be used to cover monthly interest payments (interest-only loan).
  • The borrower does not want to amortise the loan and the principal balance outstanding remains unchanged until the end of our loan term.
  • At the end of the term, the full debt is repaid through refinancing with another lender or by settling the balance onto a new loan.
How is this loan different to a Secured Business Loan?

The provided security must be a tenanted property generating substantial rental income. Unlike our regular secured business loan, this option allows for equity release, financing additional purchases, or refinancing existing loans. While it can serve general business needs, ownership of the business by the borrower is required. Beyond purpose and security, differences also extend to the amount and terms involved.

What is a RICS Valuation?

A professional assessment of the market value of property or land, taking several factors into account.

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