The deal was submitted by Ross Grant, a member of White Oak‘s Direct Sales Team based in Glasgow, and Ben McPheat, Head of Funding Operations at White Oak. This collaboration between White Oak and Momenta Finance helped the SME secure the funding it needed. The funding was necessary to support its cash flow requirements.

Working with White Oak

White Oak, with over 36 years of experience, provides various facilities to support SMEs, including VAT, tax, PII, refurbishments, acquisitions, asset finance, and ID lines to support business growth. 

Ross Grant’s client had secured a contract set to start at the end of April. To support the client’s cash flow needs at the beginning of the contract, they required a 6-month loan. The unsecured loan was necessary to cover their initial costs until payments for completed work began. Since the contract’s expected duration was also 6 months, the client sought to align the loan repayment with the contract’s timeframe. This funding arrangement helped maintain the client’s cash flow stability throughout the contract.

According to Ben, the transaction went smoothly, and the post-acceptance process was straightforward without any issues. He also praised Jake Bebbington, as a pleasure to work with since day one. Ben further commented that Jake understood their business well and helped White Oak understand Momenta Finance’s risk appetite.

Momenta Finance is a leading alternative finance provider that offers a range of flexible funding solutions to SMEs across the UK. The company focuses on providing access to capital to businesses that have been underserved by traditional lenders. Momenta Finance is committed to helping SMEs grow by providing financing solutions that align with their needs and goals.

Overall, the successful funding of this deal demonstrates how alternative finance providers like Momenta Finance can help SMEs access capital quickly and efficiently. It also highlights the importance of having a trusted partner like White Oak. Which can help businesses navigate the lending landscape and secure the funding they need to succeed.

If you’re a UK-based broker we encourage you to connect with our team or register to join our introducer panel.

In partnership with FundOnion, promptly and effectively funded the client’s unsecured loan application. By catering to the client’s specific financial needs, we were able to swiftly provide an unsecured loan of £125,000. This expedited funding empowered the IT business to fuel their expansion plans and maintain their impressive growth trajectory.

The client, an expanding IT business, had recently opened new offices, increased their workforce, and secured multiple new clients. To sustain their growth and meet the growing demand for their services, they required a new funding facility. Although the client did not specify a the deadline, they urgently expressed a need to promptly secure the funds allowing them to sustain their robust growth trajectory.

FundOnion, a dynamic small business loans platform, is dedicated to connecting SMEs with a diverse range of lenders based on their specific business needs. With nearly three years of experience in the industry, FundOnion has built a reputation for facilitating successful lending partnerships.

Recognising the client’s unique needs, FundOnion turned to Momenta Finance as the funding partner of choice. Based on the established relationship and shared commitment to empowering SMEs. We were able to provide a competitive and flexible loan product that precisely aligned with the client’s requirements.

FundOnion’s expertise in connecting SMEs with suitable lenders and their comprehensive understanding of the client’s goals greatly facilitated a seamless collaboration. James Robson, CEO of FundOnion, commented that “Alex Forster, our dedicated Business Development Manager at Momenta Finance, exhibited a high level of motivation and professionalism throughout the process. Ensuring effective communication and a smooth transaction”.

Alex and the Momenta Finance team impressed the client with their exceptional service and transparent communication. This positive experience reinforced the strong working relationship between FundOnion and Momenta Finance, fostering trust and confidence for future endeavours.

Partnering with Momenta Finance, Risecap successfully facilitates a smooth and efficient £150,000 unsecured loan. The client was impressed with Momenta Finance‘s speed, communication, and easy drawdown process. Additionally, the excellent service provided by Alex, the business development manager, contributed to a positive experience for all parties involved.

Risecap: Business Funding Brokerage Empowering UK SMEs with Seamless Funding Solutions

Risecap is a human-led, tech-driven business funding brokerage that has been operating in the industry for 5 years. Founded by Tony, who has been in the industry for 12 years, Risecap offers a range of services, including asset-based lending, unsecured loans, acquisitions, growth capital, and venture debt. Their approach combines personalised relationships with cutting-edge technology to create a seamless funding process for UK SMEs.

A client approached Risecap with a funding requirement of £150,000. The client’s objective was to expand their business by building out their sales team and investing in marketing activities. The client had experienced disappointment with previous funding processes and was seeking a smoother and more efficient solution.

Momenta Finance, known for their streamlined processes and competitive rates, presented an attractive solution for the client’s expansion plans. Moreover, Alex, the business development manager at Momenta Finance, had a reputation for going above and beyond to meet clients’ needs. This made working with Momenta Finance an easy decision for Risecap.

Speed and Communication: Momenta Finance’s Key Strength

Throughout the transaction, Momenta Finance excelled in two critical areas: speed and communication. The client was pleased with the promptness in receiving an indicative offer, even before providing all the requested information. This proactive approach instilled confidence in the client, demonstrating that they understood the urgency of their requirements.

The client was further convinced to proceed with the loan due to the smooth process offered by Momenta Finance. Additionally, the relatively favorable cost of capital provided by Momenta Finance played a significant role in their decision. The client was particularly attracted to the easy drawdown process provided by Momenta Finance, which ensured they could access the funds swiftly.

Risecap highly appreciated working with Alex and commended his consistent efforts in going the extra mile. Alex’s dedication and exceptional service were instrumental in delivering a favourable outcome. The collaboration between Risecap, the client, and Momenta Finance was a pleasure due to his dedication, responsiveness, and willingness to assist in any way possible. His exceptional qualities made the experience enjoyable for all parties involved.

As Risecap moves forward, their goal is to continue delivering exceptional funding solutions. They plan to achieve this by leveraging their industry expertise and maintaining strong relationships with reliable lenders such as Momenta Finance.

London, 12 June 2023 – Momenta Finance, formerly known as Merchant Money, is proud to announce its official launch as a leading provider of alternative finance solutions within the United Kingdom, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The rebrand of Merchant Money to Momenta Finance reflects the company’s evolution and commitment to delivering even more value to introducers and their clients. The company is excited to introduce a fresh brand identity that aligns with its vision of empowering businesses to realise their full potential.

Empowering Businesses with Innovative Finance Solutions

Since its inception in 2013, Merchant Money has grown exponentially, expanding its offering and partnering with introducers to deliver innovative finance solutions to SMEs across the UK. Today, under the new name Momenta Finance, the company continues its commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes and sectors by offering a comprehensive range of lending options, including unsecured and secured business finance, bridging loans, and business cash advances.

Momenta Finance has not only rebranded but also secured significant new funding lines to support its growth and expand its capabilities. The company is delighted to announce £115 million of additional funding from Barclays Bank PLC and new partner Quilam Capital. This infusion of capital further strengthens Momenta Finance’s ability to provide credible funding solutions and support businesses across the UK.

With its brand promise of “Realising Potential,” Momenta Finance aims to provide clarity, transparency, and financial confidence to introducers and their clients. The company takes a tailored approach, investing time and attention into each client. This enables them to design and deliver innovative finance solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of SMEs. Momenta Finance’s team of experts closely works with introducers and businesses, ensuring they hear, understand, and support their stories.

Over the years, Momenta Finance has supported 128 introducers and provided finance to over 2,000 SMEs across the UK. 

As the Sales Director of Momenta Finance, “I am thrilled to be part of this exciting launch,” said Tom Shave. “We are passionate about helping introducers and their clients unlock their potential, and our range of finance solutions coupled with our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering the most credible funding options and maintaining a transparent approach to support their growth”.

As a testament to its credibility and commitment to excellence, Momenta Finance is accredited by the government-owned British Business Bank. The company collaborates with industry experts to uphold the highest industry standards. Ensuring customers have access to reliable and trustworthy funding options.

“Our core essence is to help businesses unlock their true potential,” said Luke Jooste, CEO of Momenta Finance. “We believe in consistent commitment, credible funding, tailored approaches, and transparency. Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.”

Momenta Finance has not only rebranded but also introduced an enhanced portal exclusively for introducers. The portal offers a seamless and efficient experience for introducers. It provides them with a range of benefits and tools to streamline their interactions with Momenta Finance. Momenta Finance encourages introducers to contact them and register on the portal to take advantage of its features.

About Momenta Finance

Momenta Finance, formerly Merchant Money, is a leading provider of alternative finance solutions headquartered in London, United kingdom. Established in 2013, Momenta Finance offers a panorama of lending options, including unsecured and secured business finance, bridging loans, and business cash advances. The company’s commitment to transparency, tailored and credible funding has made it a trusted partner for businesses seeking financial support. Momenta Finance is accredited by the British Business Bank and upholds the highest industry standards.

Press Contact:

Shannon Breeze, Marketing Manager at Momenta Finance 


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