11th March 2024

Working with Aureum Finance to Deliver Tailored Financial Solutions

“Tom has been incredible to work with, quickly handling complex transactions, including a difficult acquisition deal. His clear and detailed preparations, along with his fast actions, have led to the successful funding of several deals.”- Wayne Bell, Aureum Finance.

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on two deals that were introduced to us by Aureum Finance, an independent finance broker that specialises in property and business finance. Wayne and Nick Kelly, Financial Consultants at Aureum Finance worked alongside our Sales Director, Tom, to find the right solution for two of their clients – a food manufacturer and digital marketing agency. Our flexible unsecured business loan was adapted to meet the needs of both clients.

Digital marketing agency expansion

A London-based digital marketing agency, aiming to broaden its services by acquiring a complementary business, faced the challenge of needing a £200,000 business loan with flexible terms. Amidst a highly competitive market with multiple offers, we were able to secure the deal based on our competitive terms. 

The Solution:

We provided Nick’s client with an unsecured business loan tailored to the agency’s needs, featuring a 60-month term without any penalties for early repayment. This financial solution empowered the agency to confidently proceed with its strategic acquisition, facilitating its expansion goals.

Managing the cash flow of a sole trade

A sole trader in Northern Ireland, leading a long-established family business in the food manufacturing industry, needed a business loan to manage cash flow and acquire stock. 

The Solution:

A £50,000 unsecured business loan over 48 months. This deal demonstrated the effectiveness of our swift application-to-funding process, highlighted by Wayne’s keen understanding of his client’s requirements. Thanks to a thoroughly prepared application, the borrower received the necessary funds within 48 hours of applying. 

Thank you to Wayne for bringing these opportunities our way. With several deals currently in our pipeline, we are looking forward to a continued partnership with Aureum Finance.

About Aureum Finance

Aureum Finance was founded in 2018 by Dean Brown, an investment manager with over 20 years experience. This experience provided access to diverse funding sources and strategies, allowing Aureum’s team to offer specialised services. Aureum Finance is an independent finance broker that specialises in all forms of property and business finance. Their team covers every sector of the market. Working with select partners, Aureum, assist with personal finance and insurance in order to provide clients with a full-service offering.