21st June 2024

Empowering Business Growth Through Tailored Financial Solutions

“Tim and Tom have been a pleasure to work with. It is good to know they are only a phone call or an email away. They were thorough and supportive and eager to ensure the client had all they needed. The whole process was swift and uncomplicated, and the client was delighted by the outcome. Looking forward to working with Momenta again.”

Simon Rickman – Credit & Sales Support Co-ordinator at Acorn Business Finance

  • Client: A London-based Solicitors Firm
  • Broker: Acorn Business Finance
  • Loan Amount: £150,000
  • Outcome: Significant reduction in monthly payments, enhanced cash flow, and comprehensive funding for a new project.

At Momenta Finance, we believe that the right financial solution can be a game-changer for business growth. This case study highlights our successful collaboration with Acorn Business Finance to support a London-based solicitors firm in securing the funding they needed for a new project while simultaneously reducing their financial burden.

The Challenge

A well-established firm of solicitors in London approached Acorn Business Finance with a funding requirement for an upcoming project. During a detailed review of their business and financial needs, Stuart Gibson, Managing Director at Acorn, discovered that the firm had previously taken out a high-interest loan from a peer-to-peer lender. This loan was costing them nearly £7,000 a month—a significant strain on their finances.

The Solution

Recognising the potential for significant savings and better financial management, Stuart Gibson collaborated with Momenta Finance to devise a more cost-effective funding solution. Leveraging our extensive network of funders, Stuart proposed a bespoke financing option tailored to the client’s unique needs.

Our dedicated team, including Tom and Tim, worked closely with Acorn’s Simon Rickman to expedite the loan process. The solicitors firm, proactive and cooperative, swiftly provided all necessary documentation, enabling us to move quickly.

The Results

In just a few days from the initial proposal, we secured £150,000 in funding for the client. This new unsecured business loan not only covered the costs of their new project but also allowed them to repay the existing high-interest loan. The impact was immediate and substantial:

  • Reduced Monthly Payments: The new loan reduced their monthly payments from £7,000 to £3,980, providing a significant boost to their cash flow.
  • Business Growth: With lower monthly obligations, the firm now has more funds available for other business needs.
  • Tailored Financial Strategy: By understanding both the short-term and long-term goals of the client, we provided a financial solution that addressed their immediate needs and offered the flexibility for early settlement if desired.

This case is a testament to the power of collaborative, client-focused financial solutions. By working closely with Acorn Business Finance and thoroughly understanding the client’s business, Momenta was able to deliver a funding solution that not only met their project needs but also significantly improved their overall financial health.