What is a Business Cash Advance

Experience a hassle-free funding solution with a business cash advance, also known as a merchant cash advance. Utilise your card machine instead of business assets to secure quick cash. Repayments are based on a percentage of monthly card transactions, providing flexibility during slow periods.

Embrace a financing option that aligns with your business’s cash flow.

What can an business cash advance be used for:

General cash flow

Business Growth and expansion

Additional stock, contract fulfilment or working capital

Equipment purchase

Staff recruitment and training


Fulfil many other business requirements

Our business cash advance loan amounts can be as much as 120% of your average monthly card transactions between the values of £10,000 and £150,000.

At a glance
Advance AmountAdvance amount is calculated as up to 120% of card takings, up to a maximum of £150k. Minimum advance £10k
RepaymentCalculated as a % of monthly card takings
Factor RateStarting at 1.18 x
Top-upsAvailable after 4 months

To qualify for a business cash advance:

  • The borrower must be domiciled in the UK. 
  • We can fund borrowers across the UK including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (excluding Jersey and Isle of Man).
  • The borrower can be a limited company, a partnership, or a sole proprietor.
  • Minimum of £10,000 per month through card terminals.
  • A minimum of 6 months trading history.
  • Personal guarantees (PGs) may need to be signed by any individual related to the funding deemed as required by us.
  • No other cash advance can be in place (unless the purpose of our advance is to refinance).

How our business cash advance works

With Momenta Finance’s business cash advance, you can experience a straightforward application process, transparent repayment terms, and flexible payment options to support your business needs.

Simple Application Process

Once you have completed the online form, we will promptly get in touch with you to gather necessary information and seek permission to conduct relevant credit checks.

Transparent Terms

We’ll agree the repayment fixed percentage with you based on your business card transactions and a factor rate. The cost of repayments is agreed up front, won’t change over time, and there are no hidden fees or penalties.

Convenient Payment Options

We understand that each customer has different preferences when it comes to making payments, so we offer a variety of choices to accommodate everyone’s needs. Payments can be made through direct debit, bank transfer, debit card, or PayPal.

How is a business cash advance
different to a business loan?

A business cash advance, in comparison to traditional loans, is a relatively new finance product. Unlike other business loans, that may require collateral from your personal or company assets, a business cash advance offers a safer alternative as it is solely based on a percentage of your businesses future revenue. Additionally, with no fixed term or monthly repayments, late payments become non-existent, providing assistance when cash flow fluctuates between seasons.

Getting approved for a business loan can take time with some finance providers as your application goes under review. A business cash advance is often a quicker alternative if you meet the criteria detailed further down the page.

There are typically less borrower requirements too. We don’t need to see detailed business plans, like most banks will with a traditional business loan. This means that even if you have been rejected for a business loan, you could still qualify for a business cash advance with Momenta Finance.

Apply online and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I get a quote?

Our process fits into the busy lives of a business owner on the move. We do not require detailed
business plans nor is there a need to make an appointment. Our process is flexible, quick and fully
transparent – all of this without compromising on quality of service.


Apply online

Apply online and upload the required documents.


Get approved

Receive a decision in as little as 1 hour.
If approved, we’ll provide a personalised, no-obligation quote.


Access your funds

Access your funds within 48 hours. Once you accept your offer, we’ll deposit the funds directly into your account.

Experience the ease and speed of business financing with Momenta Finance.

Why Choose
Momenta Finance

Small business loans are what we do, all day, every day. Our specialist team from account management through to credit understand businesses just like yours and want them to succeed.

We are a member of the Federation of Small Business (FSB), Consumer Credit Finance Association, Association of Alternative Finance Brokers and a Patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB). We are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we adhere to their codes of practice and are uncompromising, in our principles and practise ethical and responsible lending at all times.

Good to know

For business cash advances, Momenta Finance, acts as both a lender and a broker. Where we act as a broker, we receive a commission from the lender. This does not impact the final amount that you pay for borrowing.

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